davDavide De Lillis  (IT) comes from a faraway world. Following the sounds of pre-Roman rites, he arrives in Cori. He learns, from a group of Knights, to tell and dance the lives of heroes who made of empathy and vulnerability their strength. He is flown by the impetuous winds of a hurricane to Palermo, where he works as an apprentice in the workshop of a Shaman and a Fisherman. He becomes a young artist and, aboard a paper boat, sails for adventures in unknown lands. He arrives in Berlin, where he starts a fellowship with a group of 77 stolen fish. Together, they create living paintings and board games. In the garden of a fools’ community he encounters a Bear. They join their strengths and become a clumsy beast with two heads. Beings of all kinds gather to play with the strange creature. Floating on the sound of the wind, Davide arrives at the University of Lincoln. There he learns from fawns, hamsters, sharks, panthers, veterinarians, lawyers and housewives. He receives, from the Queen, his Masters in Live Art. With a Star, usually visible in the sky over Berlin, he travels along ancient railroads and learns dancing in the dark. Together with a Soul and a Unicorn, Davide starts a garden of vibrant roots: the CALA festival. In its vicinity he builds a workshop. There he plays with beings of all worlds.