altThe CollaborActions
concept by Davide De Lillis
experienced by Davide De Lillis and the CollaborActors
photo documentation by Il Muro
video documentation by Il Muro

The CollaborActions are experiences created and enacted privately between two participants. The two CollaborActors work together to establish roles to play and actions to perform during the experience itself. Their creativity determines both the nature and the final result of each CollaborAction. What is possible within such a frame? How to make decisions together? What to allow for? What not? How vulnerable is one willing to make him/herself?

C.A.L.A. Festival 2016
25 July to 3 August
Cori, Italy

August/December 2015

Performing Arts Forum
February/March 2015
St. Erme, France

University of Lincoln
January 2015
Lincoln, United Kingdom