CALA Festival
Artistic direction: Davide De Lillis and Riccardo Guratti.
Production direction: Eleonora Morza.

CALA is a festival for the full diversity of expressions of contemporary art from Italy and around the world.

CALA is performances, exhibitions, installations, public interventions, artistic residencies and workshops.

CALA is a meeting point between local and international. A place where differences in ideas, opinions and experiences are considered as sources of inspiration for both artists and audience.

CALA was conceived by Riccardo Guratti, Davide De Lillis and Eleonora Morza.

CALA exists also thanks to dozens of volunteers who support it with their amazing work.

CALA is sponsored by a network of institutional and privateĀ partners.

CALA Festival 2018
16th – 22nd July
Cori, Italy

CALA Festival 2017
17th – 22nd July
Cori, Italy

CALA Festival 2016
28th – 29th August
Cori, Italy



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